Mission day ingress fs

Mission day ingress fs

Archive for the ‘CrossFaction’ Category Ingress FS – 04.2016. March 28, 2016 Jose Torres (Dr4gonPR) Leave a comment. Ingress FS – Abril / April.Mission Day brings together Agents from both factions to explore cities around the world through the lens of Ingress with unique and local adventures on foot. Agents, we want to discover Zurich on Saturday January 28th, 2017. In collaboration with the City of Zurich we will provide you high quality missions to explore the city on foot together.Listen to Agent Academy - An Ingress Podcast episodes free, on demand. Weekly content for Enlightened & Resistance about The Niantic Project: Ingress Mission day ingress fs. Basic Gameplay, Items & Inventory, Agent Protocol, Missions, Intel Acquisition, Tips & Tricks, Tactics, and Scanner Etiquette. Bonus Content for Field Ops, Ingress Events (XM Anomaly, NL1331E, Mission Day, GORUCK, Operation Clear Field, Ingress.

Ingress FS 是由 Niantic 官方協助玩家社群組織舉辦的活動,活動的日期為每個月的第一個禮拜六(First Saturday),因此稱為 FS,FS 的主要宗旨為藉由這樣大型的活動讓新進玩家學習遊戲的相關知識,反抗軍 、啟蒙軍 、或是是尚未進入 Ingress 世界的新人們,皆可一同參與。這不是一場比賽,輸贏不重要.Operation Clear Field: Niantic, the makers of Pokémon GO and Ingress, have partnered with GORUCK to bring you Operation Clear Field, the next Ingress series – in 120 cities all across the United States this Summer of 2017.Operation Clear Field will combine a service-themed scavenger hunt with competitive Ingress gameplay at thousands of landmarks and parks nationwide.All registration fees.Ingress. 262,920 likes · 136 talking about this. The world around you is not what it seems. Ingress transforms the real world into a global game of mystery, intrigue, and competition.


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Have an #FS or Mission Day event coming up? Cooking some bacon with some friends while you talk Ingress and want to commemorate it? No matter the reason, you can now celebrate your friends, community and Ingress together on the Agent Academy Podcast website, with your very own achievement, award, badge or medal.謎の物質であるXMが発見されたことにより、2つの陣営の間に紛争が勃発した。どちらの味方になるかを選択し、結束してこの奇妙な世界を探検しよう。UK Ingress Yorkshire First Saturday - Barnsley January 2020 57 views 1 comment 2 points Most recent by RoseyMacdoo January 5 How about combining FS with Mission Days and Hexathlons ?

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Mission Day. Mission Days bring together Agents from both factions to explore cities around the world through the lens of Ingress with unique and local adventures on foot. If you would like to help organize a Mission Day, please read these guidelines.Mission Day与近年流行的马拉松在活动性质上相似,都是户外类的体力活动。尽管Mission Day的强度比马拉松低很多,但因为参与者体能和身体状况的参差不齐,活动范围分散,而限于诸多现实原因(主要是人少以及穷),Mission Day组织者不可能在每个任务点都有医疗配备。Every agent who completes at least 6 out of 18 official Singapore missions will receive a Mission Day medal. We are going to assign only ONE Mission Day count per Mission Day date. If you are going to attend two Mission Day events on one calendar day, you will get only ONE Mission Day count.