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Trends in anime can change quickly and unpredictably, as demonstrated by the prevalence of smug faces for anime characters several months ago. Recently, a new trend has emerged into the forefront: loli bullying. Though instances of loli…Been forgetting to shill my game here.Basically, it is in the Warhammer 40k setting (though no prior knowledge is needed) and revolves around training r63 versions of the Primarchs as well as a good assortment of Xenos. A decent amount of work has already gone in, and CGs are finally being produced for the game.Here is Lynn's part up to the 15th event, though CGs are not included in this one.A small amount goes a long way, and not everyone can afford to go all out for some random internet personality. I still appreciate the gesture regardless. Reward: A thank you from me to you, and a Patreon tag on my Discord server. is a fair, but significant amount when given in quanity. I can Patreon shotcon.

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