3d mmd lovecino prinz eugen

3d mmd lovecino prinz eugen

[MMD] Prinz Eugen - Hi-Fi Raver Model: Prinz Eugen by Saryta-chan Music: Hi-Fi Raver Stage by Jmatt379 Effect: ray-mmd-1.3.1I'm just testing a model & stage that I newly download. They're not mine. All of them is belongs to the respective owners.Tsumidango's Prinz Eugen can be downloaded via Bowlroll. She is a character from the game Kantai Collection. Model may be edited and this edits may be distributed as long the edited models are indicated as such. Author must be informed before the distribution begins. Commercial use is forbidden. The usage for videos with scenes of violence, sexual material or slander is also forbidden.

Download File Prinz Eugen (swimwear) (J&J Edit) rarThe German KM (KMS or DKM) Prinz Eugen was an Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruiser of the Kriegsmarine, named after Prince Eugen of Saboy. It's hull is still located at Bikini Atoll ( 8°45′9 3d mmd lovecino prinz eugen.49″N 167°40′59.60″E).This 3D-model was started as a hobby project. Later it turned out very useful to have the complete German battle group ready. Prinz Eugen is shown here in her May 1941 appearance. Scroll down to see an Walk-around  and details shots.

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