I got patreon but goal not moved

I got patreon but goal not moved

My goal for it is really to be able to get the chance to produce my own work, separate from commissions and such. I love being on DA, and I love sharing my work to the people who like it, so I don't want to exclude anyone with going Patreon, but having a Patreon might mean that I'd have a chance to do MORE work! Which is great, right??HOWEVER, the Patreon is still open, now functioning as a Tip Jar, and a portal to my Discord. If you already sub to me on Patreon and want to keep doing that, please link your Discord to your Patreon account, so you can still get your Discord rewards. I hope this will be OK for people (and for me lol), and it won't be too much of an inconvenience!With the amount of Patreon donators decreasing every month and a month like this where we won't be reaching the goal, plus not to mention DSP has said its getting harder and harder for him to come up with creative goals for the community to get hyped over, I think its about time to lower the milestone to maybe a php,100.00 or have some lower.

Patreon feels like too much pressure, plus it’s got those fees. Ko-fi Gold costs for the entire year, and takes out no fees. Ghost was surprisingly expensive upfront if I wanted to transfer i got patreon but goal not moved.Spring newsletter: Patreon and more! Hello, friends! I’ve been working hard here, on physical therapy for my feet and knees and on my upcoming book, Blessings for the Long Night: Meditations and Poems to Help You through Depression. I’ve also been slowly easing back into the world after having both Pfizer vaccines in April i got patreon but goal not moved.Goal: 20 Patrons by 9/4/2016. (A basic SMART Goal. Stretch Goal: 45 Patrons by 9/4/2016. (An ambitious goal. Still attainable, but represents a reach.) Hairy, Scary Goal: 100 Patrons by 9/4/2016. (This would likely cover all podcast costs, definitely not a walk in the park, and probably unattainable without a whole lot of hustle, and a little.

Today’s subject is about the importance of setting goals in your piano practice. There are 3 distinct ways of practicing the piano depending upon what you’re trying to achieve. I have an extended video about this on my Patreon channel, which you’re all welcome to join. But I’m going to give you a little taste of it because it’s so.

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The animated shorts one was hit about a year ago. Woody said they had no excuse not to do it so they should move on it quick. It's supposed to be a new animation every week. So far all we've got is this fucking joke. Finally, we've hit the last goal a couple times for the PKA meetup. However they changed the goal a few months ago and made it.No one really knows this, but I'm a bit of a nomad. My family moved around a lot, so I guess I've just grown accustomed to not being somewhere for very long. That being said, from 2015 to 2021, I lived in the same building in the Bronx, NY. I wish I could say that means I finally settled somewhere, but I really was just stuck there.Because Ko-Fi claims to not support NSFW artists I will be heading over to Patreon! I have been thinking about this for a long time now and I finally made my decision. I think I made a fair setup of tiers and goals, feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

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I added a goal to our Patreon. If the goal is met we can move DollDreaming to a VPS server for the site files and database. These upgrades should speed up the site and add reliability. A VPS is a Virtual Private Server which gives you dedicated server resources. We currently are on shared server where we share resources with others.FTM Top Surgery for an Artist - FUNDED! Iram Withencroft is organizing this fundraiser. My name is Iram Withencroft. I am a 32 year old transman. I have known I was male since I was a child, but didn’t know exactly what that meant until I was well into college, when I finally had words to describe myself and my identity. Transgender.I've defended you guys (the Peasants) a lot on here, however, this new TJ Patreon goal is stupid. The idea of making fans pay money to see the original host more is a dick move. However, doing so and expecting Patreon earnings you've never gotten to is flat out absurd. If the adpocolypse has affected you guys this much, TELL US!!!!!