Nergals nest patreon

Nergals nest patreon

Patreons are now allowed to use Angels Nest Templates to sell adoptables + more! I am the official artist of the Angels Nest on nergals nest patreon. The Angel Dragon on this page is named "Doodles". Patreon is a cool website that allows you to support your favorite artists or creators through pledges.However, Nergal's warlike nature also made him a god defending the realm, whose presence was regarded as necessary for peace - in this role he was known under the title Lugal-Silimma ("The lord of peace"). He was invoked in apotropaic rituals as well, as his fearsome reputation was believed to keep houses safe from evil.About The Solarion Project Team. The first words you hear as you start your new adventure as captain of a small transport vessel. Meet your all female crew and take up tasks for credit, given to you by criminal overlords, freedom fighters and anyone wanting to keep a job on the down low. However your own past begins to come to haunt you, a past.

Mrs Jennings - 8"/200mm Sandstone Coloured (EMYAAJU5F) by NergalsNest on Shapeways. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Sculptures.

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